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Tonin Casa, established by Mr. Gianni Tonin, since more than 30 years ,since more than 30 years is passion, research and elegance in furnishing.The activity has begun in 1975 with production and sale of shoes cabinet and classic furniture.The first catalogue was introduced in 1982.Since 90’s years starts the production of modern furniture, by presnting the first specific catalogues.Sales goes beyond Triveneto border area.In the last 5 years, Tonin CASA has become a World Wide Trade Mark, exporting ‘’Made in Italy’’.The continuous improvement and growth of the company, fidelity and confidence to customers, means a future where, in a lot of house, Tonin Casa’s products will be protagonists, class players and partner of life.The products of Tonin Casa are manufactured by choosing fine and elegant materials, obtaining in this way, a very high level of safety and reliability.Each new collection considers very important the coherence of language and forms, so to trasform the harmony of composition into a distinctive character, able to last over time.For Tonin Casa, high tech and materials are completed with value of love, present in all collections, because each piece has a soul: the soul of person who choose, for their homes.





Currently  our web page is not representing the whole range of Tonin Casa furniture collection that is on offer in our salon.


If you have questions regarding the products of Tonin Casa , which are  not represented here, you can send us an email ( or get acquainted with catalogues and samples of materials (trim, upholstery ,etc).  in our studio in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of coffee. The company managers will listen attentively to all your wishes and requirements for furniture, and together with designers will help  think through the concept of the interior, choose the appropriate Italian furniture or furniture designed and made in any other country.


Find out more about the range and capabilities of our offers you can in our showroom, Gertrudes street 2.


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