Rococo is an ornate style originating in France in the 18th century and evolving from the Baroque style.



Rococo Furniture in brief:

  • Influence of French Rococo, Chinese and Gothick;
  • Mahogany main wood;
  • Carved cabriole legs;
  • Claw and ball feet;
  • Fretwork and Chinese motifs in backs of chairs;
  • Fabrics are brocade, leather, velour.

Rococo  colors:

  • In France the Rococo style used delicate colours such as pink, white, yellow, azure blue and ivory mixed with cream and gold;
  • Appliqué on clear colours was fashionable.

Rococo flooring:

Rugs often Oriental in design - rugs with small patterns and in Chinese designs on blue grounds are typical.



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