You dream to have a house that resembles a spaceship or dwelling heroes of the story by Ray Bradbury, and maybe want to play in his apartment some fragments of the interior of the future? Nothing is easier! Hi-Tech is now more popular than ever.

For this reason, buy furnishings, sung in a Hi-tech style, it is easy.  Metal, glassand some plastics. Austerity and simplicity of Hi-tech design. The perfect straight lines.


For the interior in high-tech style is a perfect upholstered furniture, which is easy to geometric forms. Forget about the variegated colors: here is appropriate only monochrome upholstery. By the way, the effect of "bright spots" the easiest way to create with the sofa, for example, radical red or blue. He livens up considerably now. The main thing is not get carried away and remember the rule: in haytekovskom interior bright spot can be only one. Experiments suggest that those who like to buy a sofa-transformer, consisting of modules to change its shape. The presence of removable covers makes it possible to realize the most daring fantasies. Of course, this furniture is not cheap. If you want to buy a really wonderful thing from a well-known designer, be prepared to pay for her round sum. Leather chair from Reflex, changes the color of the moment of touching him, his colleague from colored transparent plastic or similar transparent box, shamelessly exposed its contents for all to see - any author gizmos you have just purchased will last much longer than an object of mass production. Even despite the fact that the furniture in the style of hi-tech pretty fast.


True chosen lighting, as a rule, is one of the most important moments in the creation of the interior. For hi-tech this is doubly important. Forget about the classic chandeliers, crystal pendants, flower motifs, a variety of flashlights and bronze, "the palace". Numerous built-in lighting in conjunction with a cascade of small overhead halogen lamps - that's what you need now. And they can hang on as the same, and at different levels. Main condition: their simplicity and ease. Stringed lamps and various tensioning system - not a bad idea for those who devotes a substantial role in the light interior. Tension systems can simulate the space, drawing attention to some subjects and hiding in the shadows of others. Using string lights, you can visually divide the space into functional zones, creating a boundary between the kitchen and dining room or living room and bedroom, while achieving an incredible lightness and plasticity.

Soffit various configurations are also very convenient, practical and, importantly, affordable. They are equally relevant in the living room over the sofa, and in the kitchen over the table. Unfortunately, the list of their virtues is not listed elegance. Applying such a system the apartment, you are always a little risk ... The main thing is not to overdo it, to a living room does not become similar to the office.

Floor lamps with halogen bulbs loose charming look perfect. It is unlikely that in their view can be read. Perhaps their assignment to another - to make interior charm, make it at home cozy.

Windows and walls in high-tech style

Best clothes for windows in high-tech style - vertical or horizontal blinds. But if you do not want your home was like an office, add to them curtains: necessarily monotonous, dull, not too thin and not too dense. Of course, you can confine them, but on condition that all the above requirements are met. Combination: lace curtains, plus opaque windows are inappropriate. This is a classic.

Smooth, light-colored walls - the essential characteristics of lung haytekovskogo interior. The most suitable colors: white, light? Gray, beige and sand. Professionals advise to refuse to give preference to wallpaper and paint.

The idea of minimalism dictates its own rules: to decorate the walls of nowhere. If it does the bare walls, you seem to be unacceptable, to revive them: hang large contemporary photographic pictures in light metal frames (black and white is preferable), or paintings with an abstract image.


Even if the school you were not at odds with the geometry, take as a basis the principle of combining simple geometric shapes. Semicircular sofa, square rug, balls, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling cone-shaped lamps ... Be sure to honor the traditions of minimalism and do not overdo it, otherwise your room can become the study of mathematics in secondary school.

That the bed on the floor? Carpet with a traditional classic pattern will look pathetic and ridiculous. Better to stop the choice on monochrome carpets or carpeting. Particularly spectacular model with a large pile. You tend to be somewhat shocking? Then get a rug or blanket on the couch abnormal colors, simulating leopard or zebra skin. This skin of an animal perfectly decorate the room and make haytekovsky interior of a home. Those who can afford can buy floor covering, made of skins of animals. However, very loyal fans of Green Peace advised to pay attention to their counterparts from artificial fur.



Nothing to decorate the interior in the style of hi-tech is better than a big fabulous aquarium with exotic inhabitants.


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