Ideas that illuminate the Italian lifestyle

When leafing through this catalogue a lot of memories and sensations spring to mind. Tracing out a past made up of people who knew how to do their jobs with passion and who have prided themselves by creating superior quality products. If it’s true that the company that bears my name has always focused on glass, the famous and precious Murano glass, it certainly cannot be denied that over the last ten years this company has broadened its horizons by exploring each single imaginable design possibility for creating luminaries by experimenting new materials and incorporating a contemporary intuition. I believe in the Italian crafting expertise and skill in offering a product the truly satisfies each individual request without losing design appeal, inventiveness and talent. Our lighting solutions are not just Made in Italy, they are more. Made by Italians for a lifestyle acknowledged worldwide based on the concept of elegance from home furnishings to clothes making our country a primary source of creativity. As of the mid 40’s the company has crossed a number of important milestones in the history of Italian design by knowing how to grasp and transform the new trends and innovative solutions. Today, with this immeasurable experience, myself and my colleagues know how to interpret this concept satisfying contemporary needs (a far greater concept than simply Made in Italy) which we like to define as “the Italian lifestyle”. A way of living translated into a way of creating.

Lucio de Majo


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