Constructivism in the interior



Constructivism - a style of XX-XXI centuries. Maximum functionality and minimal decor - that's the essence of the interior. The source of inspiration and beauty is the technique. The harmony of the interior is defined by the principles of functional organization of space. Constructivism breaks all ties with tradition by opening a new page in art. Abandons the past designs, with a view to creating the interior of the future, which is dominated by clear geometric shapes. In this interior is no place over the details and decorative elements. Constructivists do not recognize the jewelry. The interior should not be the ornament, carving or inlay. Lines are straight and clear, and the main characteristics of the construction is the functionality and practicality.



Characteristics: the basis of the artistic image is not composition, and structure. A sound functional solutions and strict adherence to their requirements, clearly identified framework volumes, technical clarity of forms, lack of stucco decoration. Widely used lights, built-in niches.


Furniture: Simple, strict, convenient form. The functional purpose of each object is very clear. No frills. The furnishings are simplified to such an extent that they become merely objects for sleeping or sitting.



Color style: white and black, simple saturated colors: red, blue, yellow, particularly popular metallic luster. Styles similar to constructivism: minimalism and techno.




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