In 1976, as a true entrepreneur, Sante Cantori began to use the richly varied network of craftsmanship skills in the area of Camerano.In just a few years, an industrial level company developed, capturing large market shares in Italy and in the whole world.



The beauty of shape and the extraordinary variety of compositins can win you over at firs glance, but it is only when you skim over the soft finishes and the fine handcrafted decorations, physically touching the quality of the materials used and the sturdiness of the frames that you will truly undestand the absolute inimitability of the Cantori world.The beds available in an aesthetic and functional range that spans the classic to the contemporary, together with an exhaustive collection of furnishings and accessories, transmit all the charm of Cantori atmospheres to your home, thanks to a consistent and articulated stylistic path. And there’s more: the ergonomic beech-wood slatted bedsteads, the pure latex mattresses and the matching bed in the Cantori collection are selected using the toughest quality criteria.The entire Cantori world is a co-ordination of images and contents, the total integration between shape and substance.





Currently  our web page is not representing the whole range of Cantori furniture collection that is on offer in our salon.


If you have questions regarding the products of  Cantori , which are  not represented here, you can send us an email ( or get acquainted with catalogues and samples of materials (trim, upholstery ,etc).  in our studio in a cozy atmosphere with a cup of coffee. The company managers will listen attentively to all your wishes and requirements for furniture, and together with designers will help  think through the concept of the interior, choose the appropriate Italian furniture or furniture designed and made in any other country.


Find out more about the range and capabilities of our offers you can in our showroom, Gertrudes street 2.





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