When it comes to parquet and wooden floors, we at BOEN want to be at the forefront of interior trends. This is why we are continually developing our floors with new colour spectrums and surface treatments. So, whether you prefer brushed, oiled, lacquered, smoked or pigmented surfaces – wide, narrow, long or short boards – you will find the beautiful, unique and maintenance-friendly floor of your dreams at BOEN.





The typical Scandinavian or Nordic styles, are characterised by simple, sharp, design lines, often in combination with natural materials, such as cotton, wool and leather.  Woods that help create this style are Ash and Oak, preferably with a pigmented surface in light shades.. 




The rustic style is characterised by rough, sturdy and “worn” surfaces, with boards giving the impression of being well used.  Broad and long planks, combined with abrushed or smoked surface treatment, serves to create this impression. 




The maritime style often involved furnishing details in red, blue and white, with references to fauna, sea and boats. Beautiful, lacquered ships plank with black seams and/or wooden plugs give the finishing touch. 




One of the newest trends is black or very dark flooring, which gives the room character and density.  Dark hues are slenderising colours also within interior design, which is why this trend lends itself best to larger rooms. 




Patterned parquet in squares or fishbone is associated with magnificent estates from by-gone times. Combined with antique furniture, chandeliers and stucco ceilings, the style is complete. But patterned floors are also well suited, when combined with modern interiors.




You can achieve an innovative style by choosing the newest products which haven’t even got as far as being a trend.  One of the latest news in wood flooring, is plank composed of very narrow oak staves, which are installed in unconventional patterns, creating an exciting play of colours.


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